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                HOME > TECHNOLOGY > Publishing Technology

                Publishing Technology

                Along with science and technology advancement, publishing technology has stepped into a period of rapid growth. New forms of publications such as e-books, onling reading materials, reading pen as well as diverse APP meet the growing diversified needs of people.

                Jinglun Media Co., Ltd. promotes the development of the digital composite publishing by creating a new publishing model which combines physical books and QR codes. It blends the traditional publishing with digital technology. Specifically, it prints the QR codes on physical books, so that readers could obtain lively and comprehensive contents provided by digital media by using the Smartphone to scan the QR codes.

                Features of Digital composite Publishing technology:

                • (1)

                  It combines physical books and QR codes to enrich publicationsí» contents

                • (2)

                  Compared with traditional reading model, it provides various learning tools such as audios and videos enable students to communicate and interact with others.

                • (3)

                  Compared with physical contents,digital contents are easier to be added and completed, which guarantees the preciseness and freshness of the contents.

                • (4)

                  It makes it possible to create contents according to readersí» preferences.

                • (5)

                  By scanning the QR codes to get useful materials, readers no longer have to gather and validate online information.

                Product Service